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SeaMail  We span the World with Satellite and HF Email services
Iridium Email COmpression service Via Global Marine Networks - Authorised Reseller
We span the World with Satellite and HF Email services

Email via HF radio
Our family of stations:

ZMH302 - Xaxero provides unrestricted service to the Pacific - Free of charge - Download the software and log in ----

Kumeu Radio ZMH302 Auckland New Zealand 
Assigned freq. kHz.	Upper Sideband Dial kHz
6382.5 6380.3
8488.0 8485.8
12708.5 12706.3
16954.5 16952.3
Aniwhe Radio AN2 Santiago shortly to provide service to Patagonia and South America

Station now running under test - Use the ZMH302 frequencies and call sign AN2

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